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The Office / Contact

address: 15-4200 Białystok, Liniarskiego 3
tel: +48 85 745 75 16, +48 85 745 74 65
fax: +48 85 745 75 16
e-mail: sekretar@uwb.edu.pl


dr hab. Jerzy Kamionowski
dr Ewa Lewicka-Mroczek

Secretary’s office

Elżbieta Kołakowska – specialist
Anna Szerszunowicz – specialist

History of the Institute

The Department of Modern Languages at the University of Białystok was created in 1998 as a result of the restructuring of the Faculty of Humanities (now known as the Faculty of Philology). It was formed on the basis of the Foreign Language Teachers’ Training College that operated from 1990. Since 1995 the Department of Modern Languages has been offering two specialities, namely, English Philology and French Philology. In 2015 the Department of Modern Languages was transformed into the Institute of Modern Languages.