In the Department of English Language we conduct research on selected aspects of English-Polish contrastive studies (grammar and phonetics), generics within the broad framework of Cognitive Linguistics, intercultural pragmatics and anthropolinguistics. Our research focuses also on language education, theoretical aspects of non-test language assessment and their pedagogical implications, pre- and in-service teacher training.


The Department of Glottodidactics is an integral part of the Institute of Modern Languages and is responsible for practical English classes in the Institute. Its members create the syllabuses, conduct practical English classes and also prepare and supervise practical English exams. We design original programmes for the classes and use a wide variety of materials, including multimedia. To make our students more competitive on the labour market we included in our programme specialist languages such as business and administrative English or English in art and culture, which provide students with basic skills necessary to communicate in those areas.

Our members are also involved in projects and organize events targeted at promoting the English language and culture in the city of Białystok.


In the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures we conduct research on various aspects of British and American literatures and cultures. Our research is centred around two large research projects:

Regionalism, ethnicity and marginality as selected aspects of American literature and culture in the 20th and 21st centuries

Research on the literature and culture of the United States is done in several partly overlapping areas of study: contemporary African American poetry; poetry and prose by Jewish American writers; comparative study of Polish and American poetry in the 20th century; visual aspects of American literature (including images of the Other); and widely defined cyberculture, with an emphasis put on the presence of American Polonia on the Internet.

Poetics of experiencing otherness

Research aims at a close scrutiny of oppositional relationships and situations of othering, as well as their manifestation in a literary text. English-language Polish travel writing, diasporan fiction and fantasy literature provide a specific field of study in the context of the construction of the Other (as in, e.g.: depicting religion, representing gender and ethnicity).