English Philology B.A. full time study

Fields of study and specialisations in the English language (Bachelor degree)

English Philology

If you choose this major, the English language will hold no secrets for you. We are offering a comprehensive Practical English Language course, which gives you a possibility to improve your speaking skills (including pronunciation), reading, listening comprehension and writing skills, as well as the knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. By completing this course you will have expanded your knowledge of linguistics, literary and cultural studies. You will find out how the English language has been developing and which processes have influenced this development. We will inspire you to get to know the literature, history and culture of Great Britain and the USA, offering you tools and notions necessary to understand and interpret them. You will also have acquainted yourself with translation methods and techniques, trying your hand at translation. You will understand how to effectively learn foreign languages and master modern and practical teaching methods. After completing a qualification course in the Lifelong Training Centre of the University of Białystok you can become certified as eligible to teach in a primary and junior high school (gimnazjum).

Teaching methods and techniques used by us will help you acquire the skills and competencies which are most desirable in today’s labour market. Our graduates demonstrate English language proficiency on the C1 level (as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which also includes specialised language knowledge. The programme we are offering promotes the learner’s autonomy, emphasizes the importance of team work, enhances your ability to reason, draw conclusions and handle problems. We also promote creativity, openness to other cultures, development of self-assessment skills and critical thinking.

After completing our three-year programme you will be ready to start second cycle studies.  English Philology and English Philology with elements of translation

If you want to read more about the programme of studies and the profile of graduate, details are available here Catalogue on the IRK website.