• (Polski) dr Jacek Partyka

(Polski) dr Jacek Partyka

Email: j.partyka@uwb.edu.pl


Academic degrees:

2011 – PhD in Literary Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

2004 – MA in English Studies, University of Białystok


Research interests:

  1. W. H. Auden’ poetry

Charles Reznikoff’s poetry and prose

Poetry of American modernism

American Holocaust fiction


Literature and law



Selected publications:

As a co-editor:

  • With Jerzy Kamionowski:

American Wild Zones: Space, Experience, Consciousness. Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main, 2016.



  • With Grzegorz Moroz:

Representing and (De)Constructing Borderlands. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2016.



  • With Weronika Łaszkiewicz and Zbigniew Maszewski:

Dwelling in Days Foregone: Nostalgia in American Literature and Culture. Cambridge Scholar Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2016.



  • With Lucyna Aleksandrowicz-Pędich:

Jews and Non-Jews: Memories and Interactions from the Perspective of Cultural Studies, Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main, 2015.



Selected articles in journals:

  • “Deathfugue and the Maidens: The Intertextual Bonds Between Paul Celan’s ‘Todesfuge’ and Cynthia Ozick’s The Shawl Re-Considered.” Kwartalnik Neofilologiczny. 2 (2018). 288-299.



  • “Between Nostalgia and Self-Hatred: The Problem of Identity in Cynthia Ozick’s The Shawl.Polish Journal for American Studies. Vol. 11 (Spring 2017). 85-98.



  • “Stitch, Stich and Stichomancy: Poetry by Other Means in Susan Howe’s Spontaneous Particulars: The Telepathy of Archive.Polish Journal for American Studies. Vol. 11 (Autumn 2017). 311-327.



  • “Casting a Shadow Backwards and Forwards: The Para-Holocaust Fiction of Charles Reznikoff, Isaac Bashevis Singer and Bernard Malamud.” Kultura Popularna. 2017, 1 (51). 52-67.



  • “The Double Man: W. H. Auden’s Transatlantic Transformation.” Text Matters. A Journal of Literature, Theory and Culture. 2015 (5). 128-147.



  • “Literackie formy graniczne (Weiss – Reznikoff – Grynberg).” Zagłada Żydów. Studia i Materiały. Pismo Centrum Badań Nad Zagładą Żydów IFiS PAN. 2013 (9). 289-309.