• (Polski) dr hab. Jerzy Kamionowski

(Polski) dr hab. Jerzy Kamionowski

email: kamion1@gazeta.pl

He has published articles on women and African American writers and postmodernist novelists, often focusing on such issues as attitudes to literary and cultural tradition, the question of identity, and the ethical value of transgression. Privately a music lover, cinema goer, traveler, cat person, KOD supporter.

Academic degrees:

2013 – D.Litt. in literary studies, University of Łódź

1999 – Ph. D. in literary studies, University of Warsaw

1991 – M.A. in Polish Philology, University of Warsaw, Branch in Białystok

Research interests:

  • African American literature;
  • literature by women;

Selected publications:


  • Głosy z „dzikiej strefy”. Rewolucja, prywatność i feminizm w twórczości poetek pokolenia Ruchu Czarnej Sztuki: Soni Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni i Audre Lorde [Voices from thewild zone.Revolution, Privacy, and Feminism in the Poetry of Black Arts Movement Poets:  Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni and Audre Lorde]. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku: Białystok 2011.
  • New Wine in Old Bottles: Angela Carter’s Fiction, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku: Białystok 2000.
  • Jerzy Kamionowski and Jacek Partyka, eds. American Wild Zones: Space, Experience, Consciousness. Frankfurt am Mein: Peter Lang, 2016.
  • Jerzy Kamionowski and Lucyna Aleksandrowicz-Pędich, eds.: Piękniejszy dom od Prozy: O amerykańskiej poezji kobiecej. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku: Białystok 2005.
  • O wiele więcej Okien. O amerykańskiej poezji kobiecej. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku: Białystok 2008.
  • Drzwi szerzej otworzyć: O amerykańskiej poezji kobiecej. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku: Białystok 2011.

Articles and chapters:

  • “Against the ‘treachery of nostalgia’ – Natasha Trethewey’s Deconstructive Reconstructions of the Past”, in: Dwelling in Days Foregone: Nostalgia in American Literature and Culture, red. Weronika Łaszkiewicz, Zbigniew Maszewski and Jacek Partyka, Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2016, .
  • “’Steam-driven cannibals … claim us flesh eaters,– wish we were’: Black sustainability through the voice in African-American poetry on the Middle Passage, in: Eating America: Crisis, Sustenance, Sustainability, ed. by Justyna Kociatkiewicz, Laura Suchostawska and Dominika Ferens, Frankfurt am Mein: Peter Lang 2015, 239-254.
  • “’Try to SEE your OWN face’: Black Visibility through Poetry and Photography in Amiri Baraka and Billy Abernathy’s In Our Terribleness”, in: Visuality and Vision in American Literature, ed. by Zbigniew Maszewski, Weronika Łaszkiewicz and Tomasz Sawczuk, Białystok: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku, 2014, 79-90.
  • “Poetry from a Shoebox: Cooking, Food and Black American Experience in Nikki Giovanni’s Poetry”, Polish Journal for American Studies, Vol. 6 (2012), 73-82.
  • “’Who Do the Saying’ – (Mis)Reading America in Toni Morrison’s ‘The Dead of September 11’ and Amiri Baraka’s ‘Somebody Blew Up America’, in: (Mis)Reading America: American Dreams, Fictions and Illusions, ed. by Jerzy Durczak and Paweł Frelik,  Universitas: Kraków 2011, 195-213.