First year vocabulary students’ youtube channel!!!

First year vocabulary students’ youtube channel!!!

  • Is ‘Pan Tadeusz’ illegible or unreadable? Perhaps both?
  • Should you flaunt or flout your new sexy tattoo?
  • So, you got the brush-off from a girl at a disco last night – was she disinterested or uninterested in you?
  • Have you already had ‘the talk’? You know, about the birds and the bees. If so, you must know the difference between the words: misconception and contraception. Do you?
  • Before you hit the beach in the summer make sure your body looks exceptional! Or wait, maybe rather exceptionable? Well, there’s still some time to learn the difference. And work on those flabby abs too!


You’ll have all these questions answered on the new channel that’s going to break the internet soon! Check it out before all your buddies beat you to it and you’ll end up being the only one at a party not knowing the latest clips! Subscribe and share, the world deserves to know the difference! And so should you! Fresh updates every season. Season 1 available now….

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